Breton Place is founded by Sydney Meyers. Named after the street where Sydney and her brother grew up, Breton Place is a sentiment to the chaos that was basically a whole creative studio in the basement. From making videos, using an old keyboard to make music, to designing clothes and painting the ceiling, it was a space that encouraged creativity and making without limits. Every creation had a story, and usually involved a neighbor or two.

Sydney later went to school for industrial design at Wentworth Institute of Technology, where she learned more about the importance of making things with a purpose, even if the purpose is just to make someone laugh. The ID studio gave her the skills to turn concepts into reality, but most importantly taught the power of a creative community. She's been a designer at a toy company, a small industrial design consultancy, a health insurance company, a start up, and now a software company focused on augmented reality. These various experiences have shaped her as a young designer, and have fueled her to start something on her own.

Breton Place is starting small with art prints, but we're hoping it develops into something more with the help of you. In the meantime, getting back into making stuff feels really good, and we hope you enjoy!

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